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How To Deep Condition Hair With Regular Conditioner?

How To Deep Condition Hair With Regular Conditioner?

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Why should you deep condition your hair? If you want softer, smooth and manageable hair, you have to do the deep conditioning. Deep-conditioned hair is highly resistant to frizz and breakage. You can also retain hair length with ease. Above all, deep conditioning provides much-needed nutrients and moisture to optimize hair health and strength. That is exactly why many people are searching hard to find a perfect deep hair conditioning product that delivers fast and sustainable results.

How to deep condition my hair? What are the best options available? Can I use a regular conditioner to deep condition my hair? How to deep condition hair with regular conditioner? These are the most important questions that cross people’s minds frequently when it comes to deep conditioning their hair.

Never choose a low-quality deep conditioner that contains harmful substances

You can come across a broad range of products to deep condition your hair nowadays. Some products are really expensive while some others can be purchased at reasonable prices. If you choose a product that contains low-quality ingredients or harsh chemicals, you would end facing a lot of complications. This is a situation that you need to avoid in all circumstances. Many of the expensive hair deep conditioning products available on the market are not affordable for numerous people.

Specialized products for addressing specific issues

The key aspect of choosing a good deep conditioner is to define the needs of your hair. You need to understand what your hair exactly needs. Their different types of products that have been designed to address specific hair issues. You can find special products for damaged hair and also conditioners that provide extra moisture to your hair. Some products primarily focus on enhancing the hair shine. You can come across deep conditioners that target hair retention as well. The price is the most worrisome factor for many people.

Can I use regular conditioner as a deep conditioner?

This is a highly relevant question for all people who want to get the best results without purchasing highly expensive deep conditioners available on the market. You can use your regular conditioner to deep condition your hair. As you keep on using shampoo, the moisture in your hair reduces considerably. It can be restored instantly to your hair brands with your regular conditioner.

Add some ingredients to make your normal conditional a perfect deep conditioner

Many people find it not feasible to buy an exorbitantly priced deep conditioner in a small jar. Even if you buy one, you will run out of your highly praised deep conditioning product within a short period. This is where the importance of regular conditioner comes in. For optimizing the results, you can be a bit more creative. Some ingredients can be added to a normal conditioner to transform it into a perfect deep conditioner.

What are the ingredients to be added?

You can add Shea butter, Avocados, Mayo, Extra virgin oil, Plain Greek yogurt, and Honey to make your regular conditioner a highly effective deep conditioner. You can choose the right ones based on your hair preferences.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is basically a powerful moisturizer. It contains an increased amount of fat. After applying Shea butters on your hair, you need to heat up it to get the best results. For heating up, you can place a warm towel on your head or wear a steam cap or sit under a hooded dryer. With the heating process, all beneficial properties of Shea butter are activated fast.


If you are suffering from hair loss, Avocados are a very good option. Avocado fruits are capable of providing your strands with vitamins. This fruit needs to be mashed up to create a paste before mixing it with your regular conditioner. Hair damage and vitamin deficiency can be addressed effectively. You can achieve soft, elastic hair with the help of this combination.


Mayo is an excellent addition to your regular conditioner to make it a deep conditioner. Working as an ideal protein treatment, Mayo enhances the strength and shine of your hair.

Extra virgin oil

Well-known for amazing properties, extra virgin olive oil is has been extensively used to seal in the moisture in the hair. Many people use it to massage the scalp and enhance hair health. It is also an integral part of hot oil treatments. Extra virgin oil can be termed as a natural conditioner. It can be added to a regular conditioner to offer much-needed nourishment and shine to your hair. If you don’t have extra virgin oil, you can use castor oil or Jojoba.

Plain Greek Yogurt

Extensively used as a homemade conditioner, plain Greek yogurt offers excellent benefits for your hair health. It is an excellent moisturizer that strengthens the hair shaft to prevent hair damage including split ends. Mixing this natural conditioner with your regular conditioner makes a perfect combination that feeds your hair with protein and removes dead skin cells.


If you want to get the extra moisture and shine for your hair it requires, you can choose honey. It is hard to find a better option than this one. Synthetic wigs with bangs Being known as a powerful expectant, honey offers your strands high suppleness, shine, and softness. When it is added to your regular conditioner, you can expect amazing results. This combination works as a powerful deep conditioning agent for your hair.

How to apply the mixture of regular conditioner and these ingredients?

You can pick and choose the suitable ingredients based on your hair needs, preferences, and availability. Once you decide what ingredients you are going to add to your regular conditioner, you can prepare the mixture carefully. The blend should be applied and leave on your hair for at least 30 minutes. The duration can be extended up to 60 minutes before washing and cleaning hair.

How to know whether the newly-made deep conditioner worked or not?

The consistency of the newly-made conditioner should be assessed. When you apply it on your hair, you need to find it extremely easy. If you are finding it hard to apply, it is a clear indication that the consistency is not up to standard. Good consistency spreads the mixture easily. It helps you control how much you use and coat all the strands. The effectiveness of the combination can be analyzed after rinsing your hair. The process of detailing using your finger becomes easy if your mixture is a perfect one. If you have an ideal combination, hair shedding comes down significantly. You can feel your hair softer and the softness lasts for a long time as well.

How to deep condition hair with regular conditioner? These methods are the most effective and natural ways of creating top quality, yet affordable deep conditioner using your regular conditioner. The natural ingredients you add enhance the effectiveness and deliver outstanding results. You can stop worrying about how to purchase all those expensive deep conditioners available on the market. You can identify the winning combination after experimenting with different ingredients. The trial and error method does not do any harm and helps you discover the perfect mixture that delivers sustainable results. When you compare the price of this new combination with top brands, you can find a drastic difference. There is no need to worry about any side effects or damage to your hair.

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